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Richard Nicholson of Chester

A World of Antique Maps and Prints

James Pepper reading

Established in 1961

All the Prints on this page are guaranteed to be genuine early specimens
published in or around the year stated

Antique Prints of Belgium

A collection of Hand Coloured Steel Engravings by

J. Salmon, Joseph Fussell and other artists

Each measures about 5 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches. In sunk mount. Good condition.

  • Palace of the Loo Belgium

    Palace of the Loo Belgium

16273 Palace of the Loo, V. Bing, c.1840

Price: 18.00

  • River at Meuse Belgium

    River at Meuse Belgium

16383 Huy - River Meuse, W. H. Bartlett c.1840

Price: 18.00

  • St. Martins Church Liege Belgium

    St. Martins Church Liege Belgium

68518 St. Martins Church, Liege, 1840

Price: 19.00

  • Liege Belgium

    Liege Belgium

68524 Liege, 1840

Price: 18.00

  • Namur on the Sambre Belgium

    Namur on the Sambre Belgium

68523 Namur on the Sambre, 1840

Price: 18.00

  • Boulevard de Laeken Brussels

    Boulevard de Laeken Brussels

68530 Boulevard et Porte de Laeken, Brussels, 1840

Price: 18.00

  • Huy Belgium

    Huy Belgium

68532 Huy, 1840

Price: 18.00

  • Choquier Belgium

    Choquier Belgium

68533 View near Choquier, 1840

Price: 18.00

  • Liege Palace

    Liege Palace

68527 Palace, Liege, 1840

Price: 18.00

  • Verviers Belgium

    Verviers Belgium

68528 Verviers, 1840

Price: 18.00

  • View of Liege Belgium

    View of Liege Belgium

68529 Liege

Price: 19.00

  • Bridge near Namur Belgium

    Bridge near Namur Belgium

58860 Bridge over the Meuse, near Namur


  • View near Selain Belgium

    View near Selain Belgium

68534 View near Selain

Price: 18.00

  • Namur on the Sambre Belgium

    Namur on the Sambre Belgium

16457 Namur on the Sambre

Price: 18.00

  • Market Place Furnes Belgium

    Market Place Furnes Belgium

16271 Market Place, Furnes

Price: 18.00

  • View near Huy Belgium

    View near Huy Belgium

68525 View near Huy

Price: 18.00

  • Waterloo Belgium

    Waterloo Belgium

69043 Waterloo

Price: 18.00

  • Liege Cathedral Belgium

    Liege Cathedral Belgium

68535 Cathedral, Liege

Price: 18.00

  • View of Namur

    View of Namur

68531 Namur

Price: 18.00

  • View of Huy

    View of Huy

58785 Huy

Price: 18.00

Other Views

  • Antique print of Liege

    Antique print of Liege

52850 Liege. Price: 14.00

Hand coloured steel engraved view by W. H. Bartlett / A. H. Payne. Mark in blank margin hidden by sunk mount. Price: 14.00

  • Town Hall, Ghen by Thomas Allom

    Town Hall, Ghen by Thomas Allom

95584 Town Hall, Ghent, Thomas Allom, c.1840. Price: 12.00

TOWN HALL, GHENT. An uncoloured steel engraved view showing a historical scene with crowds outside the Town Hall uprising against Charles V. 6 3/4 x 4 3/4 inches. Good condition. In a light grey sunk mount.

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I have been buying and selling antique maps and prints since the early 1960's during which time I had a gallery in Watergate Street, Chester for 30 years. I am now able to offer through my websites a personal service to map and print collectors.

Antique Prints of Belgium - Richard Nicholson of Chester