I started collecting and selling antique maps in the early 1960's. Some visitors to Chester may remember my shop in Watergate Street which was there for 30 years before closing in 1998. The business is now entirely on the internet and I try to offer an efficient and personal service to customers.

I registered www.antiquemaps.com in November 1996 and built my own web site. This has changed a lot over the years and the version you are now looking at is a complete rebuild completed in the summer of 2011.

Finding your way around the web site I hope will come naturally with a pull down menu appearing at the top of off the pages. If you want to see the structure of the web site have a look at the
site map. Building a web site has come a long way since the 1990's and as most users now have a broadband connection it is possible to include large photographs of the maps. A new addition is my Blog in which I will endeavour to keep you up to date with what I am able to offer. There is a search page which I trust will settle down and reflect only the new web site once the search engines have reindexed the site. The old site is staying online until I know this has taken place.

All the maps I offer are genuine early specimens published in or around the year indicated. Each map comes with a printed guarantee label.

How to order and pay is all set out on the
Ordering Page. The antique prints I am able to offer can be found here. The antique prints can be combined with maps from this site on one order so there is just one amount to pay for postage and packing. Don't forget that the postage and packing charge is per order which can be any number of items.



Pepper Street

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Richard Nicholson

I have been buying and selling antique maps since the early 1960's during which time I had a gallery in Watergate Street, Chester for 30 years. I am now able to offer through my websites a personal service to map and print collectors.

James out for a stroll
All the maps are guaranteed to be genuine early specimens

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the maps old or are they just copies of old maps?
The maps are all genuine early specimens published in or around the year stated. A guarantee label is provided with each map.
How quickly are order sent off?
Orders are dealt with quickly. Orders received in the morning are usually sent off the same day as I receive them. Failing this it is usually the next day.
Is map number --- available?
The web site is updated daily and sold items are removed so it is most likely that the map is available. You can always email me to check availability
What currency are your prices in?
All the prices on my web sites are in English pounds or pounds sterling.
What is the best way to pay?
There is a Shopping Cart for most of the maps to pay by PayPal. The method of payment I prefer is to check first by email if a map is available then pay the total amount to my bank account and advise me you have done so. You will find my bank details on this page.Telephone orders using your Mastercard or Visa Card are also welcome. Overseas customers may find the PayPal Cart is the easiest way to make purchases because of the exchange is currency which is handled by your card provider. The reason I prefer the bank payment method is simply because the charges to me are far less than the other methods.
Can I call and see the maps?
I am sorry, no. I had a map and print shop in the centre of Chester for 30 years. Since closing the shop the business is postal only except for the few maps that are available only for collection from Christleton. There are from time to time some framed maps for sale and these are available to collect from Christleton.
How many copies do you have of each map?
I only have one specimen of each map offered. If I had a second similar specimen it would be offered separately under a different reference number.

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